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Creativity: The Beating Heart of Better Healthcare Logistics

Whether you’re concerned with meeting tighter regulations or under pressure to cut costs, there’s likely a new solution within the pages of our newest healthcare logistics White Paper: “Creating a Better Healthcare Cold Chain.”

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    Quality Assurance, from Point A to B

    Partnering with UPS means you’re working hand in hand with a team of healthcare-dedicated experts with an unparalleled knowledge of the UPS network. Discover how we leverage a complete range of cold chain solutions from cryogenic to CRT.

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    Good to the Last Mile

    The stakes are never higher than at the last mile of transportation for temperature-sensitive shipments. Discover how we can help you protect critical healthcare shipments all the way to delivery, in optimal condition.

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    A Contingency Plan with Confidence

    When you need white-glove, pharma-level service for the highest value cargo, you can rely on UPS. We work closely with customers to develop pre-arranged contingency plans anytime their shipment is at risk. Learn more about how our proactive approach ensures better protection.