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Preparing for Brexit with UPS

As talks between the UK and the EU continue, we are here to help your business prepare for potential outcomes. While much remains uncertain about the future trade relationship, now is the time to assess readiness and identify areas of opportunity. This page will guide you through Brexit and help you on your journey towards a new trading landscape.

Your Brexit-Ready Toolkit

Brexometer Quiz

First, let’s assess how prepared your business is for trading post-Brexit. Answer a few simple questions and get expert advice to prepare your supply chain.

The Basic Requirements

Preparing your supply chain for Brexit may seem daunting, but start with the following basic steps to keep goods moving in a worst case scenario. 

Register for an EORI number in the UK and the EU.
An Economic Operator’s Registration and Identification (EORI) number will be required to continue trading between the UK and the EU in the event of a customs border.
Learn more about EORI numbers here.

VAT Registration
If your UK business is importing on its own name into the EU, you need to be VAT registered in the EU. We recommend you do this in the country of clearance. EU businesses importing on their own name into the UK will also need to be VAT registered in the UK.

Appoint an Importer of Record (IOR) if the consignee is not the declarant
The IOR is responsible and liable for your customs declarations. For UK businesses exporting to the EU this can either be an EU-based subsidiary if they are part of the transaction or an EU-based customs broker.

Brexit Playbook

Now that you’ve done the basics, download our extensive guide to preparing your supply chain for Brexit.

UPS Brexit Webinar Series 

UPS Brexit Webinar 5  – What is the deal? - September 19th, 2019

Brexit Webinar - Prepare for Brexit_220x124.jpg

A panel of UPS customs brokerage, trade and compliance experts walk you through the mandatory and recommended actions to take to keep your supply chain moving post-Brexit.

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