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Expand your global reach with UPS Economy*

With online markets expected to grow to 900 million shoppers by 2020, shipping to new markets has never been easier with our new service, UPS Economy.

UPS Economy is an economical international delivery service, ideal for your lightweight shipments. The service can help to keep your online transactions efficient and make exporting that much smoother.

*This service is currently offered only on a contractual base.

Choose from two services to accommodate your business needs:

  • Delivered Duty Paid – DDP - is where duties and taxes are paid at the time of shipment by the seller and is fully traceable with delivery to 26 countries
  • Delivered Duty Unpaid – DDU – is where duties and taxes are collected at the point of delivery by the last mile and is lower priced, traceable and an easy to integrate delivery solution with shipments to 88 countries.

Discover a number of benefits with UPS Economy:

  • Economical and ideal option for less urgent shipments
  • Simplified customs clearance
  • Major shipment milestones tracked through


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