Dive into the Minds of 1,500 Industrial Buyers

Take a deep dive into the minds of the 1,500 U.S. industrial products buyers we surveyed for the third Industrial Buying Dynamics study. The study’s white paper examines the major forces shaping industrial distribution today.

  • Rising (and Changing) Threats

    It’s no secret—people’s buying behaviors and preferences are rapidly changing. In this year’s study, we’ve seen important shifts in the influence of mobile e-commerce and the perception of e-marketplaces.

  • Addressing Buyer Needs by Product Type

    This year’s study includes new questions that detail buyers’ needs and preferences based on the types of products they’re purchasing.

  • Optimizing the Buyer Experience

    Buyers continue to demand a user-friendly customer experience across multiple sales and service channels, but a new generation of buyers are poised to demand new and higher expectations.

  • The Potential of Post-sales Service as a Differentiator

    Post-sales capabilities can provide a crucial point of differentiation for distributors. From solid return solutions to additive manufacturing, explore new ways to stand out.