Preparing for Brexit with UPS

In the years following the UK referendum, we at UPS have been investing heavily in our workforce, infrastructure and operational systems to prepare our customers for the UK’s departure. While much remains uncertain about the future trade relationship, now is the time to assess your readiness and identify areas of opportunity. This page will guide you through Brexit and help you on your journey towards a new trading landscape.

On April 11th the United Kingdom reached an agreement with the European Union to extend the date on which they will leave the EU. During this extension period, shipments between the EU and the UK will not be subject to customs clearance, meaning it will be business as usual for all of us.

Brexit-Ready Toolkit

Grey-Book-Icon_Brexit.jpg Brexit Playbook

Browse through our guide and prepare for the changes ahead

Brexometer_icon_grey.jpgBrexometer Quiz

Are you Brexit-ready? Answer a few simple questions and get expert advice on how to prepare for when the UK leaves the EU.

Brexometer_icon_grey.jpgBrexit Readiness Factsheet

Six steps to prepare for trade with the UK and the EU post-Brexit. Read more.


Brexit Timeline

Key events leading to the UK's exit from the EU. Learn more

Brexometer_icon_grey.jpgUPS Customs Valuation Checklist

Best practices on valuing your goods for customs when shipping internationally. Read more.

Brexit Webinar Series

Get to know the possible border scenarios of Brexit and their impact, with some help from UPS experts through our Brexit Webinar series. Here are some snippets to get you familiarise with the potential changes post Brexit.

Brexit Webinar - Prepare for Brexit_220x124.jpgHow you can prepare for Brexit

What tools and advice is UPS making available to help customers prepare for potential Brexit outcomes and identify areas of improvements?

 Brexit Webinar - Countdown_220x124.jpgCountdown to Brexit 

Our expert from STTAS explains the impact of Brexit on companies within the UK and EU 27 in regards to the external border, trade barriers, longer lifecycle of shipments and other requirements. 

Brexit Webinar - Countdown_220x124.jpg

VAT for Businesses

Check the details of the VAT rules that will be applicable to companies doing business between UK and EU in the future setup. 

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