2019 UPS Asia Pacific Pulse of the Online Shopper Study

With over 50% of global online retail sales taking place in the region, Asia Pacific is the heartbeat of the worldwide e-commerce revolution. But as the popularity of shopping online skyrockets, customer demands are becoming more refined, expectations are evolving, and businesses need to be agile and adapt quickly in order to stay relevant. 

The UPS Pulse of the Online Shopper study provides insight into the day-to-day purchasing habits of shoppers online, from pre-purchase to post-delivery. Where are they doing their research? How long are they willing to wait for delivery? What do they expect from a retailer’s returns policy? And what do you need to do to turn a casual customer into a regular one?

2019 Asia Pacific Executive Summary

The 2019 Pulse of the Online Shopper study focuses on the purchasing habits of consumers in four key Asia Pacific markets – Australia, China, Hong Kong and South Korea. In addition to business to consumer (B2C) trends, the 2019 edition of the survey also – for the first time – offers unique insight the online shopping habits of the business (B2B) purchaser.

The study examines three major aspects that are shaping the online retail landscape today and how they could affect your business: 

·       Visibility: Whether it’s easy access to product details, shipping costs, delivery times, or the returns policy, customers want clear visibility of the entire path-to-purchase.

·       Incentives: Shoppers are not necessarily only driven by a desire to purchase a specific product – there are many more ways to tip the scale toward a purchase.

·       Customisation: With the stresses and packed schedules of modern life, customers expect retailers to provide an end-to-end service that gives them what they want when they want it.


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